‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 6 Spoilers: Lindsey McKeon, Simone Kelly Guest Star In Lifetime Series: Will Jane And Grayson Finally Be Together?

By Staff Writer | April 10, 2014 01:47 PM EDT

“Drop Dead Diva” season 6 will welcome Lindsey McKeon and Simone Kelly as guests in future episodes of the Lifetime series, which will finally settle the question of whether or not Jane and Grayson will finally be together.

Lindsey Mckeon confirmed with Examiner that she just finished filming a “fun episode” in Atlanta with Rick Springfield.

“I am a band member’s girlfriend who seems not very nice,” she laughed. “She’s kind of gunning for another band member. She’s kind of I guess you could say like the Yoko Ono in a way of the episode. It’s all in the courtroom. It was fun.”

She also revealed that she was relieved when she got her lawyer courtroom dialogue out of the way on the first day. “So that’s always like, phew I got that behind me. It was fun to play the strong, pit bully kind of character,” she added.

“Drop Dead Diva” season 6 will also welcome as guest star Simone Kelly of MTV“Are You The One?” It’s not clear yet what role she will play but Hollywood News Daily said that Simone Kelly has always been known as the “most outspoken, and spunky, members of the cast” so it is expected that she “will take that sassiness to the small screen.”

Simone Kelly also posted an Instagram photo with Cheyenne Teelple along with the caption: “Catch us on this season of Drop Dead Diva!!! Been on set since 6am…why?!? Because me && @cheyenneteeple BOUT THAT LIFE!!! Lol. #lifetime#woodridgeproductions #sitcom #LA #Atlanta.”

In “Drop Dead Diva” season 6 episode 4, Grayson and Jane are thrust into a case they shouldn’t have accepted in the first place considering that emotions are still high after she revealed that she’s actually Deb, TV Fanatic reported.

“Drop Dead Diva” season 6, however, teased fans on the future of Jane and Grayson’s relationship as the cute couple shared a sweet kiss on the balcony.


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