‘Ray Donovan’ Season 2: Octavius Johnson remains ‘Sunny’ after Marvin’s final bow – Zap2It.com



Warning: Major spoilers from “Ray Donovan” Season 2, episode 8 “Sunny” are contained in this article.

It seemed to be a love doomed from the start for Bridget Donovan (Kerris Dorsey) and her budding music star boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington. Sadly, after making some beautiful music with Bridget, he was killed by Cookie Brown (Omar J. Dorsey) in one of the more brutal and senseless acts we have seen on the series.

Octavius Johnson tells Zap2it he had two weeks to wrap his brain around Marvin’s death, “It was shocking for sure. I remember just feeling so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the show for two years. I wasn’t supposed to be on this long. At the same time it’s losing a job too,” Johnson explains. “The producer, Brian Zuriff is the one who called me up and told me the news, but I thought he did a great job of encouraging me as well, during the conversation,” he says.

Set-up is everything and Johnson says although the death is bitter sweet, he feels the final scene was worthy of the character, “I loved the crane shot at the end. It was shot beautifully. I can’t wait to see the episode as a whole. I think I will really feel it then. They did a great job with the song (“Sunny”) building it up and just making you care about them,” Johnson says.

There’s no doubt Bridget will be forever changed by the shooting and Johnson says he sees big changes in her character, “It would make sense that she loses it. They loved each other so much and that would be just devastating. I think she might really rebel. She will probably go through hallucinations and flashbacks,” he predicts.

Fans might not have seen the last of Marvin, as deceased characters have come back before on the Showtime series.  When asked if he could possibly live on in flashbacks, Johnson says, “The show isn’t known for doing an extensive amount of flashbacks. It would be nice to though. They did that with Rosanna Arquette’s (Linda) character with the dolphins, but that was more of a hallucination, so it’s possible.”

“Ray Donovan” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

Photo/Video credit: Showtime

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