World Beauty News: The Best Hair Extensions in Hollywood: How-To Methods, Cost & Secrets From Expert Kacey

When a celeb needs their hair lengthened, they look to none other than Kacey Welch, celebrity hair stylist, master colorist and extension expert. Welch’s clients include Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, LeAnn Rimes and Kristin Cavallari. Check out part three of our interview where she shares what products work best:

So Kacey, what styles should we avoid when it comes to inexpensive extensions?

If you are using synthetic extensions, you need to avoid high-heat as they are made of plastic.  While it’s an affordable alternative, you are restricted when you try to blow dry, curl or straighten. It’s always best to consult with your stylist to talk about your options and your beauty routine with your hair.  I only use real hair, as you can do any styling technique that you would do with your own hair.

What about what products to use when you have hair extensions in?

A side note is to always keep your hair super clean and tangle free. Deep condition on the ends – avoid root where the application is. Important to use an extension brush specifically for extensions, it keeps away the tangles without breaking the hair.

Good quality shampoo/conditioners such as Kerastase and/or Oribe products

Dry shampoo is also a good option and always be sure to use a paddle brush to comb thoroughly.

Any additional tips and tricks?

Important to use an extension brush – specifically for extensions. Top priority to keeping hair tangle free. I personally recommend using a Sheila Stotts hair brush ($28) and a Mason Pearson hair brush ($200).

Washing hair at night and making sure it’s completely dry, combed and remains tangle free while you sleep – morning style as desired so it’s clean and fully dry. Really invest in a nice haircut so extensions can match the quality. Top quality is the most desired.

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