Vanity Fair Features Hostess Gifts That Guarantee You’ll Be Invited Back – With the Cheeseburger Float from BigMouth Inc.

Never show up empty-handed.

Every summer, we return to the time-honored tradition of mooching off of friends and family with beachfront homes—and with it comes the anxiety of figuring out a gift that will guarantee next year’s invitation. Whether you find yourself staying with your in-laws, a wellness-obsessed couple, or your friend and his Internet-famous pet, we’ve got just the thing for every type of host.


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.45.58 AM

The hosts: Has a fully scheduled lineup of activities for the weekend, has never taken a nap in his life.

What to bring: An Akiko Petanque set ($225) adds a touch of sophistication to the sports equipment littering the lawn; rainy days call for a Deluxe Wooden Backgammon set ($49.99); wrap up post-swim in a set of Roberta Roller Rabbit beach towels ($150 each); and add an inflatable burger ($45) for all occasions.

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