Wackiest Backyard Party Products: The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron featured in This Old House

By: Elizabeth Lilly

Read more at: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/0,,20938346_30362132,00.html

Add to the laughs at your social media-worthy barbecue

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.59.59 PM

Apron Equipped for Grill Battle

There’s no ducking back into the kitchen to grab a spatula or a can of brew once you’ve hit the battlefield—a.k.a. your outdoor kitchen—after donning this camouflage beaut. Keep everything you need to grill on your person, and use the military-style print to hide in the bushes in case you need to hide from annoying neighbors.

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron, about $15; Big Mouth Toys, Amazon.com

Make sure even more grilling accessories are at the ready by building a grilling station.

Weigh your backyard food-prep options with our guide to installing an outdoor kitchen.

Read more at: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/0,,20938346_30362132,00.html

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