Kacey Welch featured on LA-Story.com: Secrets of the Red Carpet

By: Stevie Wilson | January 10, 2016

It’s Golden Globes weekend and the first really big red carpet event of 2016. Wow. So much is going on Yet one of the key things every woman (and a few guys) will be looking at on the Golden Globes red carpet are the fashions and the hairstyles of the women walking into that event. It’s a trend-setting space and every fashion stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist knows it. We are lucky enough to have celebrity hair stylist Kacey Welch give us insight into her creative processes and how she does red carpet worthy hair.

Who is Kacey Welch:


Kacey Welch is a phenomenon in a city full of “celebrity” this and thats but she stands out because she’s so on game in the field of hair styling, color and hair extensions. It doesn’t hurt to have a great coterie of celebrity clients!

Kacey Welch one of the leading hair color and extension experts based in Beverly Hills, California. Kacey’s advanced techniques and dedication to sourcing the finest human hair on the market have made her a pioneer in the beauty industry. Her acute precision and uncompromising work ethic have helped some of the world’s most beautiful women achieve the natural, full length hair and enviable color they’ve always wanted.

Kacey’s work can be seen on red carpets and in editorial magazines around the world. Her unique application, “The Kacey Welch Method”, is routinely cited in beauty and fashion magazines

We did this interview before Christmas when Kacey was super busy! Thus email was the easy way to get her answers to all the important questions you would want to ask this super-creative and and innovation-driven hair stylist.

LA-Story: What’s the trend for red carpet hair in terms of color; extensions?

Kacey Welch

As we transition from 2015 to 2016 there are definitely new trends for color and cuts.

For example: dip dying hair is a great way to add a pop of color without any long-term damage. And the best part, once it grows out you can snip it off!

Babylights and balayage are becoming very popular instead of full highlights and ombres.

And we’re seeing great new colors like “ronze” a coppery red that meets bronze or “bronde” which falls in the middle of blonde and brunette.

Hair extensions have been very “trendy” for the past few years – now it’s more of what we can do with them and how we can play with them!

LA-Story: Are there any radically new advancements in extensions?


Extensions have actually been around for a while so I think it’s more now how we perfect our technique with coloring, cutting, placing, blending and just how we meet the clients specific needs overall. I have my Kacey Welch Method which breaks the stereotype that “extensions ruin your hair” and this method is unique to each client in my chair. The method that I created has the hair that flows like a veil, it prevents that hair from looking stringy or doesn’t match your own hair. A lot of people don’t realize that extensions really are Hollywood’s best kept secret.


Kate Hudson

LA-Story: Where does the average person go wrong with extensions?


Extensions require a little more attention than just a normal routine with natural hair. Using the proper shampoo, conditioner and products definitely affect the longevity of extensions. Keeping them clean and dry is very important. Also make sure to use the right hairbrush and keep extensions tangle free. Sometimes people don’t match their hair with their extension’s texture and/or color and sometimes the hair isn’t blended and cut properly – which can all be dead giveaways!

LA-Story: How can the average person prevent damage to their hair when using extensions?


Just make sure you’re keeping hair tangle free and well conditioned if you’re using high heat products. I always use 100% real human hair on my clients so as long as they treat them like real hair, they’re really not damaging at all!


Kate Hudson

LA-Story: Do a lot of people use extensions for color adjustments? Allowing hair to grow out?


Extensions are great if you find yourself in a rut with your hair or if you got a bad haircut…or even went through a bad break up. Whether the it’s adding length or volume, I think a lot of my clients are looking for a fun new change or to “get the look” without having to wait!


LA-Story: How long would it take for a bob at chin length to get to slightly past shoulders and what would a person expect to spend for extensions per visit?


It all depends and I recommend a consultation with a stylist before heading into the salon. This way you can work with your stylist to see the exact look you’re going for and figure out the perfect method to execute it.

For individuals extensions – The hair itself can cost $500-$1000 depending on how much hair is needed. The service itself can range from $1000-$2000 depending on how much time is needed to apply the hair.

For tape extensions, known as Hair Lingerie, the hair is reusable for up to a year. Hair cost depends on the quality and can range between $250-$1500. Service runs usually about $50-$75 per panel, most people to do about 6-10 panels.

For my custom made wefts, most hair is about $600-$700, and this again depends on the quality of hair purchased. Some people like to buy hair that is totally virgin, and European, that hair alone can cost upwards of $2000.

LA-Story: What are the key trends for Red Carpet 2015/2016 going in hair colors or treatments?:


Blonde – If you’re more of a summer tone gal, try a “bronde” (light natural brown) look or a creamy or honey blonde like I did for Goldie Hawn or LeAnn Rimes! For a bold look, try platinum blonde.


LeAnn Rimes

Ombre – balayage is a great new technique that’s trending this upcoming year, it looks more sun-kissed.

Brown – Brunettes should definitely experiment with chocolate tones or try a deep brown or auburn with red undertones. The red tones will catch the warm sunshine so beautifully, even if it’s 2° out!

Darker than natural brown – If your hair is black try a black with warm brown undertones. Kim Kardashian has this color locked down. This color is super flattering on tan skin tones and is great for fall and winter. I recreated this color on Tania Sarin! If you’re sick of brown, try black with blue tones!


Tania Sarin

Red – If you’re a red head try a cinnamon or copper tone. These vibrant colors will look amazing all winter.

Highlights – try babylights! These are great to add dimension without being too obvious that your hair is highlighted. Another fun natural look!

LA-Story: Any really interesting or new trends that readers should be aware of?


To transition from winter to spring: texturizing hair, twisted buns and braids, unique and vintage inspired hair accessories, even low pigtails. Trends that we’ve seen before are making their way back through.

What would you recommend for someone who wanted to pump up their look to make a great holiday statement?
Try fun hair accessories! Or go for a sleek look; like hair pulled back tight into a pony tail with a dramatic part or pulled straight back for a knot at the nape of your neck. Complete this with look with a dramatic eye or fun bold earrings! Try a look you’ve never done, or haven’t done in a while and it’ll definitely be a statement for people who see you every day!

Follow Kacey Welch on these social platforms:

Website: http://www.kaceywelch.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kacey_welch/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaceyWelchHair

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for Kacey Welsh’s time in this Q&A! I caught her at one of the busiest times of the year.

Stevie Wilson,

Read more: http://la-story.com/2016/01/secrets-of-the-red-carpet-celebrity-hair-stylist-kacey-welch-provides-tips-tricks-her-scoop/

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