Studio Mucci’s Best Kept Hair Secret for Channeling Your Inner Unicorn: Kacey Welch featured on Beauty Buzz Daily

by Jessica | January 23, 2016


Dying to channel your inner unicorn? Bright and colorful hair is super trendy and Kacey Welch – celebrity stylist, extension expert and master colorist – has added this technique to her list of skills.


Kacey has used her expertise to style beautiful blondes like Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, LeAnn Rimes and Kristin Cavallari but recently, she styled the whimsical unicorn herself – Amina Mucciolo, or more commonly known as Studio Mucci or Tasselfairy! Check out Amina’s blog post praising Kacey’s transformational work here.

Kacey stopped by to provide our readers with some tips & trends:

Do you have any hair care tips for extensions?

Extensions require a little more attention than just a normal routine with natural hair. Using the proper shampoo, conditioner and products definitely affect the longevity of extensions. Keeping them clean and dry is very important. Also make sure to use the right hairbrush and keep extensions tangle free. I always use 100% real human hair on my clients so as long as they treat them like real hair, they’re really not damaging at all!

Do a lot of people use extensions for color adjustments? Allowing hair to grow out?

Extensions are great if you find yourself in a rut with your hair or if you got a bad haircut…or even went through a bad break up. Whether the it’s adding length or volume, I think a lot of my clients are looking for a fun new change or to “get the look” without having to wait!

What are the key trends in hair color?

Blonde/Bronde – If you’re more of a summer tone gal, try a “bronde” (light natural brown) look or a creamy or honey blonde like I did for Kate Hudson or LeAnn Rimes! (pictured below).



For a bold look, try platinum blonde.

Ombre – balayage is a great new technique that’s trending this year, it looks more sun-kissed.



Darker than natural brown – If your hair is black try a black with warm brown undertones. Kim Kardashian has this color locked down. This color is super flattering on tan skin tones and is great for the season. I recreated this color on Tania Sarin! If you’re sick of brown, try black with blue tones!


Red – If you’re a red head try a cinnamon or copper tone. These vibrant colors will look amazing through winter and spring.

Highlights – try babylights! These are great to add dimension without being too obvious that your hair is highlighted. Another fun natural look!

Tell us 3 things we might not know about extensions?

1. When done properly, extensions don’t ruin natural hair.

2. Extensions can enhance your hair, say if you got a bad haircut or want to grow hair out but don’t want to wait years. It’s a quick fix!

3. Extensions ARE NOT one size fits all. There are different methods and they’re customized to match each individual person. Like a tailored dress – it’s all made to fit.

Tell us 3 things we might not know about color?

1. There are many tones and shades that sometimes you just can’t get right out of a box. A professional stylist will customize color with skin tone and eye color – the majority of color I do is classic, not trendy so it is great for day-to-day. I love to enhance natural beauty!

2. Gray hair is the easiest hair to color! It’s like a blank canvas and picks up the color easy.

3. Highlights can make you look at least 10 years younger.

What are you can’t-live-without haircare or styling products?

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is my obsession. It’s a great alternative to dry shampoo and doesn’t leave that chalky residue.
Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray is another great one to enhance volume and body without stiffening or drying hair out. Davines shampoo/conditioner called Love is award winning and makes hair ridiculously soft and frizz free. I love Sheila Stott hairbrushes and I use Hair Lingerie for tape in extensions.

What are the absolute worst ingredients for color-treated hair?

The worst ingredients in hair products would have to be sulfates (SLS, SLES) and parabens – especially for color-treated hair. These are harsh chemicals linked to cancer yet they are so common. Thankfully many hair care companies have realized their risks and have been cutting them out. My advice: splurge on the shampoo/conditioner that will keep your hair healthy and will prevent color from fading and you’ll save money from fewer visits to the salon! Additionally, you shouldn’t wash colored hair too often, so a little goes a long way. My absolute favorite hair product brand is Oribe. Their ingredients include amazing and gentle benefits that won’t strip color and have UV protectants so your hair will hold the color much longer.

You can find Kacey at the Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills or find more information on her website at

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