We Have a Heart On For Kooky Valentine’s Day Gifts: Pastease featured on HUFFPOST WEIRD NEWS

By David Moye | February 5, 2016

Everyone thinks they have a big heart. But are you willing to show it? And are you funny?

We know humor is subjective. But we’ve got a bunch of Valentine’s Gifts that we at HuffPost Weird News think are funny — like this giant heart costume from HalloweenCostumes.com. How would you like to be greeted by your loved one in this outfit?


Here’s our guide to making your funny Valentine just a little bit funnier. Enjoy.

Pink Gun-Shaped Purse


It’s good to have a purse for any occasion. We’re still trying to figure out the most appropriate occasion to carry around a handbag that looks like a handgun. ($48, Unique Vintage.com)


I Love Farting Mug


Some people feel true love is when you can fart in front of the person without fear of embarrassment. Of course, embarrassment is probably not a concern of anyone who would drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate from an “I Love Farting” coffee cup. Yes, it does make farting noises. Thank you for asking. ($9.99, Fun.com)


Adult Heart Costume


It’s one thing to wear your heart on your sleeve, it’s another to wear it all over your body. Hopefully, the person you’re wearing it for will realize you want to be their valentine and not just telling people you suffer from cardiac problems. ($39.99, HalloweenCostumes.com)


Pizza Pasties


Honestly, wearing pizza-shaped pasties can go two ways: You either look saucy or really cheesy. ($9.99, Pastease.com)

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