Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Your Bestie!): PAPYRUS & NIQUEA.D featured on Olive & Ivy Blog

February 12, 2016

I love giving gifts, especially when the person getting the gift isn’t expecting it. A surprise present can brighten someone’s day so quickly! Whether you’re single or in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, I think it’s the perfect time to show your best friend how much you care about them with a fun little surprise.

Over the holidays, I posted a Girl Boss Gift Guide that featured a bunch of awesome gift ideas aimed at young female entrepreneurs, like myself. All of those gifts were from a store called Papyrus, which is a store I hadn’t heard of up until doing that post, but am now truly, madly, deeply (see what I did there? Savage Garden fans, holla… haha) in love with. So, naturally, this is my almost one-stop-shop for best friend Valentine’s Day gift ideas!


I say almost simply because they don’t sell makeup. If they did, my life would basically be complete and I’d never have to shop anywhere else! Lucky for me, Sephora is only a block away from my nearest Papyrus, so I can get my stationery/cute-little-things and makeup fix all at once, haha.

First up in my best friend Valentine’s Day gift ideas is, of course, makeup. Smashbox has some new shades in their Be Legendary Cream Lipsticks and LA Sunset is my fave- it’s a really pretty coral red. As far as nail polish goes, you can’t go wrong with a classic red for Valentine’s Day! I love Essie’s Lacquered Up. Don’t forget this adorable little La La Love You Pouch to stash these gifts in!


Show me a girl (who doesn’t have allergies, haha) that doesn’t love candles. I have a collection of candles that is getting pretty big these days, and I often choose them purely based on how pretty there are. This gorgeous NIQUEA.D Pink Grapefruit Candle not only looks and smells amazing, but it’s also on sale!


As far as stationery goes, Kate Spade is the queen in my books. This Kate Spade Favorite Things Notebook is so pretty and I’m more than happy to have this sitting on my desk to scribble things down in!


The biggest dilemma you’ll have with including a card is actually choosing one. Papyrus has so many cute options that I found it super hard to pick a favorite! This Me + You card won me over in the end, but both this Me Love You Long Time card and Sundae cardwere definitely strong contenders, haha.

Pro tip (aka total cheapskate tip): when you find really nicely designed greeting cards with writing or illustrations on them that you like, frame it and use it as a print! I’d much rather pay $6 for a print than $20+ (so I can buy more lipstick instead, amiright?), and the majority of the gallery wall in my office was made by doing this!


Stick it all in a cute gift bag, add in a bottle of champagne and voila, best friend Valentine’s Day gift done!

Do you love gift giving as much as I do?

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